I’ll not hear a bad word said about peanut butter

The food world is full of myth and fantasy, I think that’s a given. The key therefore, is to educate oneself about what you’re shovelling into your cake-hole before it’s too late. Worse still is the concept of avoiding some foods … more

Sometimes it’s best to just rest…

In most of my fitness articles I write about the ways to get active and eat clean in order to reach your goals. But what about the other end of the spectrum, the idea of burnout. … more

Picture of the Week - Your Pictures

The UlsterHerald would like to showcase readers' photographs of daily life in Tyrone.

If you see something you think would make a nice or unusual image why not take a picture with your
camera or mobile phone and submit it to us?

The successful 'Picture of the Week' will feature in our printed edition and also here on our website