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Newtownstewart golf presentation 1986
Newtown golf pres 1986

A charity open stableford competition in aid of Riding for the Disabled was held in September 1986 at Newtownstewart Golf Club.
The winner, Francis McGlynn, is pictured receiving his prize from Mrs Marie Thompson, representing the local branch of the charity. Also pictured are David Thompson, who was second, club captain, Adrian Fletcher, Neil Hazard (best gross) and Jeannette Thompson, winner of the ladies section.
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A blast from the past… Adverts in 1972
Entertainment adverts from Ulster Herald 1972. 1) Smokey Mountain Ramblers, The Patrician, Carrickmore. 2) Thin Lizzy,Holyrood Hotel, Bundoran. 3) Tallmen, Royal Arms, Omagh. 4) Sharon & The Green Forest, Drumquin Social Centre.

Entertainment adverts from Ulster Herald 1972.
1) Smokey Mountain Ramblers, The Patrician, Carrickmore.
2) Thin Lizzy,Holyrood Hotel, Bundoran.
3) Tallmen, Royal Arms, Omagh.
4) Sharon & The Green Forest, Drumquin Social Centre.

100 years of Ulster Herald
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Sporting Adele off to Israel – 1989

AN Omagh lady has been selected to represent Northern Ireland at an ‘International Sport for All’ festival in Israel.

Adele Doherty is a former recreation and leisure studies student, who is presently working part-time at Omagh Leisure Centre.

As part of her college course, Edel participated in the central council of physical recreations community sports leader award. This scheme is designed for people over the age of 16, community and youth workers, sports workers etc. Miss Doherty will be in the company of five other young people and three senior leaders, all from England and Wales.

This is the first occasion a student from the north has been selected for the festival.


ONE of Newtownstewart’s most highly respected professionals, Dr Wesley Nabney, has retired after being in practice in the town for 28 years and among his many achievements was the building of a new medical centre which he paid for out of his own pocket.

Constructed in 1967, and extended in 1982, Newtownstewart Medical Centre, will stand as an everlasting testimony to a great and dedicated man who worked for the whole community and who took the welfare of the townspeople very much to his generous heart.

To pay tribute to the retiring doctor, local people and those from the district packed the town’s Parochial Hall for a concert-party and presentation night to mark the occasion.

During the function, presentations were made of a video recorder and video camera, Tyrone Crystal and a cheque.

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Stabilise egg production – 1964

NORTHERN Ireland egg producers should stabilise production at its present level in view of the prospect of a large egg surplus at the end of the year.

That’s according to Christopher Harrison, chairman of the British Egg Marketing Board, who was speaking before 1,400 farmers at the first ever Poultry Fair.

“I am not asking you to panic and cut back production, but don’t expand output,” he advised.

“Despite many rumours to the contrary, the British Egg Marketing Board believes on present evidence that there will be a surplus of at last 1.5 million boxes of eggs this year and this estimate does not take into account egg imports.

“I see no possibility of there being a shortage of eggs during 1964-65 or indeed during the following year.”


THE Glenelly development association held its monthly committee meeting in the Parochial Hall, Plumbridge, at which Dr AJB McFarland presided.

Arrangements were completed to welcome upwards on 20 caravans belonging to members of the Caravan Club and to arrange accommodation for them in Sperrin and Plumbridge when they come to rally in the Glenelly Valley.

Members of the Association are looking forward to meeting the caravaners at a social evening planned for the visit. The Caravan Club will make use of the occasion to distribute to its members some of the prizes they won during the season.

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Attempted air raid on Britain – 1939

THE latest news bulletins from the French, German, Polish and British war fronts state that the Germans still continue to advance in Poland and that Warsaw city is evacuated, the Government having had to make a change, and make their headquarters at Lisbon, which is about 70 miles south west of the overtaken city.

It has been reported that the French attacks on the German western front are continuing and that artillery duels have taken place and more could be to come.

An attempted German air raid on London and the east coast of Britain has been recently stated to have been beaten back by the British aerial forces.

Some of the British aircraft, on their return, were mistaken for the enemy planes, and certain coastal batteries opened fire.


THOMAS Johnson , JP the chairman, presided at the monthly meeting of the committee of Tyrone and Fermanagh Mental Hospital.

The clerk submitted the report of FD Brown, the engineer on the sewerage plant, since the employment of a mechanic the scheme was now eventually working properly and Dr Johnson agreed and said he was now quite satisfied with it.

As for the new mental hospital, Dr Johnson, added that in the case of a national emergency the hospital would be expected to give some assistance. He also suggested that the new mental hospital should be used as a military hospital instead. This would then mean that the mental hospital patients would be brought back to the institution afterwards.

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Volcanic eruption – 1914

500 lives were lost and flames went 1,000 feet high as cliffs fell into the see during a volcanic eruption near Australia.

Further particulars brought in by incoming vessels regarding the eruption, on Ambyrm Island, in the New Hebrides, indicate that it was the most violent shock that has been experienced in a century. It is estimated that at least 500 natives have perished. Graphic descriptions of the scenes have been obtained from eye witnesses to the disaster. This eruption devastated entire villages and plantations, and transforming the whole face of the island. Captain Charvin of the Steamer Pacific described the eruption as “hell on earth.” Others witnesses stated that the upheaval was so tremendous, that they expected the whole side of the island Ambyrm to disappear completely.


JOHN Redmond, the Irish party leader, offered the National Volunteers as a defensive force to guard the shores if Ireland in case of the withdrawal of British troops.

In consequence of this, certain negotiations have taken place between the War Office and the provisional committee of the volunteers. These negotiations so far have not had a successful outcome, the proposal of the War Office having been rejected by the provisional committee.

A fresh proposal is now in the course of preparation. It has been announced by Mr Asquith that when Lord Kitchener has got through with his army organising schemes he will take the question of the equipment of the Irish volunteers in hand.

Nothing has been more remarkable in this than the influx of unionists, many of them very extreme and anti-Irish unionists.