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Gary Wallace

The five pillar approach – ONE GOAL

UNIQUE...One Goal enables athletes to reflect on their performances through video analysis.

UNIQUE…One Goal enables athletes to reflect on their performances through video analysis.

I’m just in the middle of reading a book called ‘Bounce’. In general it’s all about the theory that sporting talent is a myth and purposeful practice is what makes a true sporting champion.

The book looks at scientific research carried out on how hours and hours of practice in any given task can make you excel in that area.


It looks at the childhood traits of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and the Williams sisters to name a few and how they not only put in the hours of practice each day but it was purposeful through the guided eye of their parents, school teachers, siblings, friends and coaches.

The other key attributes that they all possessed was their desire to become the best and more importantly they enjoyed striving for that goal, most of the time!

The above mentioned also had a huge amount of luck either in where they lived or how much time and energy their parents gave to them.

For me I believe you can do anything when you put your mind to it and really want it. The advantage that children have over adults in this case is time. Adults can still reach remarkable goals but when it comes to excelling in sports, children have the advantage of being able to carry out 10,000 hours of purposeful practice. This is what is recommended in any field if you are to become an expert.

In addition to all this practice you also have to explore different areas before becoming the ‘complete’ player or as close as. This is something we call the five pillar approach.
The five pillar approach looks at improving technical, tactical, physical, psychological and the health and well-being of a player. All of these areas are hard to teach and practice on your own and can be even difficult for the best sport coaches out there who have to be a jack of all trades and master of none.

That’s why I and a few other coaches who excel in each of these areas have started up ‘One Goal’.
One Goal has emerged from the shared vision of producing an environment for optimal youth development. With years of experience in grassroots and elite sport, our team has developed a model which we feel will allow the next generation of youth athletes to engage and excel through participation in the various programmes that we provide.

Our mobile coaching platform allows us to create elite training methods facilitated by our multidisciplinary group of professional coaches. Our staff consists of a team of highly experienced coaches who have graduated from a range of sport specific degrees including Sports Science, Sport Psychology, Physical Education and Sports Studies.


We understand the needs of youth athletes and will specialise in developing each individual through our ‘Five Pillars Model’; Technical, tactical, physical, psychological and health & well-being.

One Goal provides a unique ‘Online Locker System’ which will provide e-learning and enable athletes to reflect on their performances through personal statistics and video analysis. This platform will enable each individual to take control of their personal development and will encourage them to become more reflective practitioners.

We will be running performance centres at Youth Sport Omagh, Bawnacre Irvinestown and Mid Ulster Sports Arena Cookstown. The centres run from 6-7.30pm each night and specialise in both Gaelic football and soccer for boys and girls. Coaches include myself, Peter Harte, Joe McMahon, Niamh Woods, Danny McBride, Derek Sharp, Chis McDowell to name but a few.

For more info or to book your child’s place, visit our website

Limited spaces are available to ensure that each child receives the correct amount of quantity and quality from each session.

MOBILE COACHING...One Goal uses top of the range equipment.

MOBILE COACHING…One Goal uses top of the range equipment.

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