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Gary Wallace

Love what you do

Pro surfer Mick Fanning recently returned to competition, a year after he was attacked by a shark.    Photo: homydesign/

Pro surfer Mick Fanning recently returned to competition, a year after he was attacked by a shark.    Photo: homydesign/

When it comes to exercise and sport one of the main factors that determines if you are going to stick at it is if you love what you are doing.
I recently posted a video on my CORE Physio + Fitness Facebook page about pro surfer Mick Fanning returning to compete at J-Bay a year after he was attacked by a shark in the final.
For most people this would scare them enough that they couldn’t even take a bath again never mind go back into the water, but a week later Mick zipped up his wetsuit and headed into the water at his local beach.
He later tweeted ‘First surf back. Feels so good’.
It just shows you the sheer love he has for his sport, to him it’s a joy to be in the water and as a bonus it’s his full time job.
To finish the fairytale Mick not only returned to J-Bay he went and won the competition.
He was asked how he felt getting back into the water and responded by saying  “once I caught my first wave it was fun”.
There’s a lesson we can take from this for your own health and fitness journey, minus the shark attack of course. It shows us that no matter what setbacks we have, as long as we love what we are doing then you are going to keep doing it.
Just don’t do something because you think it is good for you or because it worked for your friend, find something that you like and is best suited towards your needs.
I remember one client telling me that they are swimming because they heard it was good for them. I said that’s brilliant but later found out they gave it up because they couldn’t swim and didn’t enjoy it.
It’s a bit like the people who say I hate running but continue to pound the roads and complain after how sore they are or how much they didn’t enjoy it.
Exercise can and should be fun, yes there will be times when you have to push yourself but the intrinsic rewards of feeling good after a while helps you push even further the next time.
The other positive side of doing something that you really love is that you could take it to the next level either by competing or getting paid for it.
It doesn’t matter if you started crossfit or jiving lessons if you have a real passion for what you do why not set yourself a goal and push towards it. 
One of my friends loved to jive. He started by taking a few lessons himself, but now he runs his own classes.
Even myself, I loved playing sport and working out. Now I work full time in these areas and better still I also help others achieve their fitness and performance goals.
By doing something you love you may also inspire other people to challenge themselves.
Sharing what you do on social media or inviting people along with you the next time you are working out may be the kick start they need to get their health and fitness journey going.
Remember there are hundreds of different ways to exercise as long as you are moving correctly and enjoying it then keep going.

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