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Eat, drink and be merry this Christmas

JUST GO FOR IT...  Enjoy all the food and drink that’s around at Christmas time - but there are ways to do so which means you won’t be stressing about  the aftermath in January.

JUST GO FOR IT… Enjoy all the food and drink that’s around at Christmas time – but there are ways to do so which means you won’t be stressing about the aftermath in January.

It’s December so the Christmas madness is about to start, if it hasn’t already, and I’m going to tell you one thing – go and enjoy it.
It is the one part of the year you get to spend more time with family and friends you might not have seen in a while.
If you’re going out a few nights in a row it’s no big deal, just go for it.
Now here comes the reality check. While I’m telling you to let your guard down in terms of your health and fitness objectives it doesn’t mean that you abandon station altogether.
Yes have a drink, eat sweets, indulge in some of your favourite ‘bad’ foods but you can still keep some of your good habits that you have built up throughout the year.
Here are a few tips to help you settle and enjoy your Christmas without stressing about the aftermath.
When you do enjoy yourself around Christmas don’t be so down and shocked whenever you look in the mirror in January and say how’d that happen.
Like looking to lose weight, set yourself a target of the amount of weight you might put on but be realist, you may put on half a stone over this period but anything more and maybe you enjoyed yourself a little too much.
Don’t wait until January whenever you aren’t in your best shape to set goals.
Plus when you are still in your healthy habits you will be able to think clearer, more positively and realistically in making goals than you will after coming down from a high of the festivities
Just like you do now, plan what and when you are going to eat. If you are meeting friends for food or drinks, keep that in your plans, just make sure you rest, eat and drink well throughout the day before you go on the lash.
Don’t get lazy and think just because you’re going out that night it doesn’t matter if you get a bit lazy.
If you look after yourself during the day and go out that night you might not feel great the next day but your body will thank you for it in a month’s time.
If you suffer badly from hangovers then you need to get ready for them.
If a pint of water before bed helps then do it, even write a wee note for yourself when you come back home, hopefully you can read it. As soon as you wake up the next day your first priority should be hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate.
Water is always a good start but if you feel you need more hydration methods like Dyoralite or other hydration products work well, just  remember to have them ready.
The next step is good nutrition, when you are hungover and dehydrated your body will crave sugar and bad fats that will make you feel good for
a while but will soon bring you crashing down.
Finally get your rest; your sleep pattern will be all over the place so grabbing a quick nap during a Christmas movie is always a good thing.
This is the time of year to take that extra sweet, drink or second helping of dinner but just watch out that your eyes aren’t bigger than your belly (the only exception with this is your Christmas dinner, just go all out for it!)
A simple thing to do is leave the option to eat or drink some more open for 10-20min, especially if you are questioning it.
This will give your body time to settle what you have already eaten and during this time you may not have the same craving or better still you will have forgot all about it.
I hope these tips help and don’t come across as a contradiction to eating, drinking and being merry. They are there as a guide to help you think about the choices you make over Christmas without feeling that you will miss out on this time to indulge and enjoy.
As a matter of fact if you see me out over Christmas don’t be afraid to get me a pint as well and I’ll be happy to enjoy it with you!

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