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Covid-19 vaccinations: GPs will inform patients of time


THE Covid-19 vaccination programme is underway with over 150,000 doses of the vaccine administered to healthcare workers, care home residents and those aged over 80 and over.

Stuffed both ways

What’s happening, lockdown Larrys? All good in the socially-distanced hood? I just ate a chicken wrap with a handful of crisps and a side of leek soup and as...

Omagh Boys and Girls Club ‘fearing for future’

OMAGH’S renowned Boys and Girls Club is ‘fearing for its future’ after the Education Authority (EA) refused to grant it over £130,000 in vital funding.   The club disputes...

Be sure to ‘take 10’
Talented Derg girls star in advertising campaign
The Bootroom

Is the local football season a goner after the extension of government restrictions? This week Tommy and Paddy talk...

Keith Farmer – the rapid rise of the ‘Clogher Bullet’

He’s one of the most decorated short circuit riders ever to come from Northern Ireland with four British titles...

Brain breaks for children and adults

Do you find your children losing concentration easily on a task like homework or being unable to focus? Maybe...

Cakes for when the chips are down

During a stolen week some years ago, a friend and I were on holiday in Donegal and we were...

Forget SMART goals, set FAST goals
Go mental for the lentil