Ronan's Rant

Ronan McSherry

When turkeys vote for Christmas


Baton down the hatches Doreen, there’s a storm coming that will take the roofs of houses, the food off tables and will eventually force the desolate to wander the streets.
To borrow a line from Bruce Springsteen, ‘The banker man grows fat, the working man grows thin, it’s all happened before and it’ll happen again…’ (Jack of all Trades)

I remember Hurricane Maggie in 1979. It was so bad that those most affected danced on Thatcher’s grave when she died an old woman three years ago.
Elvis Costello sang of her election campaign, ‘A woman was kissing a child, who was obviously in pain, she spills with compassion as that young child’s face in her hands she grips, can you imagine all that greed and avarice coming down on that child’s lips.’
Elvis hoped to live long enough to ‘Tramp the Dirt Down’ on Maggie’s grave.

During Thatcher’s reign the rich got richer and the poor got poorer and unemployment soared while she described those out of work as “moaning minnies.” The childhood poverty rate rose to 30 per-cent while overall poverty doubled.
Her policies fostered a culture of greed and selfishness. It is little wonder the crime rate also doubled. She used the police to put the jackboot on mining communities and the army here to shoot first and answer no questions later. Hundreds of mentally ill people were poured onto the streets from the sanctuary of institutions to fend for themselves, under the guise of cost cutting in the health service.
“There is no such thing as society,” she mouthed.


“Those who do not remember his past are doomed to repeat it,” warns the sage… and so it came to pass on election day when the turkeys voted for Christmas.
Not only did the voters put the Tories in charge but with a majority that gives them free reign to ride roughshod across their necks. It’s like the Thatcher years never happened.
Already David Cameron is using his unrestrained power to push through even more draconian anti-terror laws that further erode freedom of speech in the guise of defeating radical Islam.
It will come our way too lest you plan to voice an alternative viewpoint.

Back in Maggie’s day, actors were used for voice-overs when public representatives were banned from the airwaves. Whatever you say, you’ll get saying nothing. They have also appointed Michael Gove as Justice Minister – a man who has called in the past for reinstatement of the death penalty. Michael Howard eat your heart out!

The blues have earmarked £12 billion of welfare cuts and in their great tradition will target the poorest and most vulnerable in society.
Well, the Boss did warn ‘It’ll happen again, it’ll happen again, yeah they’ll bet your life.’

John Major’s old grip Edwina Currie gave an insight to the Tory mindset when telling the Nolan Show she didn’t believe anyone in the UK was genuinely having to choose between eating and heating, claiming those who suggested this was the case were trying to score a political point. Currie and her ilk inhabit a whole parallel universe.

She went on to talk of eating smoked salmon and drinking champagne while watching ‘Strictly’ to which despairing listeners called in with stories of struggling to put food on the table for their children including workers, who despite putting in 40-hour weeks, were finding their income outstripped by rent, travel and bills.

They might as well have been talking to the walls of Number 10. She stood adamant and accused them of spending money on mobile phones, cigarettes and lottery tickets, and effectively choosing to put food near the bottom of their list… and I guess that’s why they call them the blues.

In the last five years of austerity the richest one per-cent of people in the UK have doubled their wealth while the poorest are paying bedroom tax, losing care for the disabled, seeing libraries shut and food banks open. Homelessness has doubled in that time and food bank numbers quadrupled. The nightmare is only starting, you ain’t seen noting yet.


The old joke goes that two condemned men received a pardon when the guillotine didn’t work and the village idiot next up for the chop, looked up, pointed and told the executioner, “That screw is stopping the blade from falling.”
For village idiot swap hundreds of thousands of working class voters on May 7. It is little wonder vehement anti-Tory writer and broadcaster Marcus Chown tweeted, “Imagine putting X on a ballot paper for no NHS, no human rights, fox hunting… can only think people believed it wouldn’t happen.”

Meanwhile a third (33.9 per-cent) of those eligible to vote didn’t bother their asses but will be first to complain when the cuts hits the fan.
The Tories are committed to a referendum on taking Britain out of Europe and they have already announced they will not accept taking in any of the migrants who managed to survive ISIS and the Mediterranean crossing. That despite the fact these islands take a fraction of the numbers taken by France and Germany.

And where will get the biggest hammer? Our wee country/statelet or whatever you like to call it, as we squabble about flags, parades and accuse the other side of being more sectarian.

Perhaps I’m being hysterical but I remember the Thatcher years. It’s too bad voters in England did not.

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