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Rachel Taylor

A traditional trifle


Our poor wee country has been getting badly knocked about by Storm Desmond – I couldn’t believe some of the pictures of localised flooding.

It’s amazing how quickly it all happens as well, and the force of it.

I have to admit I am very afraid of the water  – it is too strong and unpredictable!


But anyway, I am feeling sorry for the poor people who are affected by the flooding, especially at this time of year.

So I hope the torrential rain storms are over now, I am sure we’d all be happy to keep the cold weather so long as it’s dry.

I really don’t like going out in cold wet weather – it takes ages to get thawed out and warmed up again.

Anyway, on to more exciting stuff – food! We had visitors at the weekend there, and more coming this weekend so I am rattling about in my head debating what to make and what desserts to have.

Trifle has been a firm favourite at mummy and daddy’s for as long as I can remember, it was my job to make it early on Sunday morning so it would be set in time for Sunday lunch.

Unfortunately I am not a fan – it’s the texture of the trifle sponges – I can have all the ingredients on their own no problem, but as soon as the trifle sponges go all soggy, I’m out! So I always had a separate bowl of jelly just for myself.

I decided I would make this at the weekend then for the visitors coming and then it would double up as the recipe for the paper – I was using my brain that day!


So this is easy peasy and will serve quite a few so it would be a good dessert to add to your list if you are entertaining a crowd this Christmas. Enjoy…happy baking!

• Four trifle sponges
• One can of fruit cocktail in juice
• Large carton of ready made vanilla custard (perfectly acceptable cheat!)
• Two packets of jelly (raspberry or strawberry is best)
• Cream to decorate

1. Follow the instructions on the jelly packet to make up the jelly.
2. Roughly chop the trifle sponges and put into the bottom of your bowl.
3. Drain the fruit and add the fruit to the sponge. Pour the jelly on top and mix a little.
4. Put in the fridge and leave it to set.
5. When the jelly is ready, pour the custard on top and put back in the fridge until just before serving.

Decorate with as much or as little cream as you like and add a few hundreds and thousands for a retro touch!

I made a couple of jellies with just raspberries in it for me – the fusspot! The good thing about this is that it is gluten free. I checked the ready made custard and it’s all good too!

The beauty of this dessert is that you can adapt as you wish – add more sponges and fruit if you want, or make your own Madeira sponges if you’re feeling really keen.

Let me know how you get on –