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Frozen cheesecake bites

Frozen cheesecake

Delicious frozen cheese cake.

There has been a real nip in the air over the past couple of weeks.

The new year has definitely brought the winter with it, so the snuggly scarves, hats and gloves we all got at Christmas are coming in very handy now for sure!


I am writing this on Monday evening and the weather forecast for the rest of this week is pretty grim – snow by the middle of the week.

But we will see by the time the paper is out whether the Met office has got it right this time. At least it is providing us with plenty of small talk for this week.

I’m back into the full swing of work this week again, and it is already looking like another very busy term – it will be no time at all until we will be talking about Easter again.

I think I actually spied some Cadbury eggs in Tesco at the weekend but I did my very best to ignore them and moved on as quickly as I could.

So, today’s recipe. I found a wee video tutorial on the internet that interested me (anything foodie and I’m definitely having a peep).

The tutorial was for frozen cheesecake bites and they looked pretty yum so I thought I would give them a go. 

These bites were made in a bun tray in bun cases and looked class when served out.


I like things that are a little different and provide simple but effective presentation ideas.

The video didn’t have quantities so I just switched it up from my own cheesecake recipe and it seemed to work out perfectly.

My photography skills and final food presentation leaves a lot to be desired at times – unfortunately I didn’t have any fresh raspberries so chocolate sprinkles had to do!

Decorate yours with whatever you fancy. Enjoy…happy baking.

150g cream cheese
200ml double cream
150g white chocolate, melted
50g icing sugar
Raspberry jam/conserve
200g digestive biscuits
100g butter

• Crush biscuits, melt butter and combine the two.
• Line a muffin tin with 12 muffin cases.
• Whisk the cream cheese, cream and icing sugar until thick and smooth.
• Fold in the white chocolate to the cream cheese mixture.
• Gently heat the jam until it is slightly runny.
• Scoop a spoonful of the cream cheese mixture into each bun case. Flatten and smooth it down.Now put a teaspoonful of jam into each muffin case – make sure it goes right out to the sides.
• Scoop another spoonful of cream cheese mixture on top of the jam and smooth down.
• Finally, spoon some biscuit mix and flatten down to a smooth finish.  
• Freeze until ready to serve.  Serve by peeling the muffin case sides off and turn onto a plate.

Tip of the week
Try one out first in the muffin case so that you know how much space you need to leave for each cheesecake.
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