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A home-made Easter


Easter is here and that means lots of chocolate and treats for you to enjoy.

Though the kiddos are all probably already off – I have been enjoying an extended Easter break – the first time in years where I have the Easter fortnight off!

That leaves lots of time to catch up on visiting, spring cleaning and baking!


We are looking forward to a wedding too – one of my university friends is getting married, so it’ll be fun to have a day out.

The wee nephew has turned seven this week, so maybe not so wee anymore – so there is some celebrating to do there as well. As always they will be down to granny and granda’s on Easter Sunday for the usual Easter feast.

It’s great when the weather is good and we can get outside for an Easter egg hunt.

Although last year I made one up for using inside, so even if the weather isn’t favourable, it can still be done.

 I looked up some ideas on the internet and added a couple extra and adapted a few to suit our house. If you would like some information on the clues I used, let me know.

Not only are home-made Easter egg hunts good fun, but there are a whole host of other ideas for getting creative.

Why not try out some of these with your family and see how lovely they will all look for your own Easter celebration?


• Paper bunting. This is usually a home-made Christmas decoration. Give this a Spring twist by using strips of pastel coloured paper and stringing them together.

Hang on a mantelpiece or over the window.

• Gift tags. If you are gifting anyone with an Easter egg or other treat this year, give it a personal touch by using home-made gift tags. Just take some pretty floral, or pastel striped/polka dot card and cut an egg shape. Punch a hole in the top and thread some thin ribbon through and attach to your gift. Perfect.

• A carrot full of sweets. Sounds strange I know but simple and effective to do.  Take some clear cellophane and twist into a cone shape. tape it to secure it.

Then take a sheet of orange tissue paper and twist this into a cone shape to fit inside the cellophane. Fill with whatever treats you decide and tie it closed with a green ribbon. It looks great when filled.

Easter egg bark
This is my recipe for today so the full details are below. This is perfect for giving as alternative treats to traditional eggs.
Or you could even leave a little bag of this at each of your Easter guests’ table place setting as a little favour for them to take away. So, Happy Easter….enjoy and happy baking!

• 200g really good chocolate (see tip)
• Edible glitter (gold is good)
• Chocolate mini eggs

1. Grease and line a swiss roll tin with greaseproof paper.
2. Slowly melt the chocolate either in the microwave or over a simmering pan of water.
3. Pour the chocolate onto the greaseproof and spread out evenly.
4. Allow the chocolate to start to set. If you put the eggs etc on too early they will sink.
5. Meanwhile, bash the mini eggs a little bit – you want them to be a little broken but not into smithereens!
6. Sprinkle the eggs and glitter over the chocolate and allow to set completely. Break up and put into little bags for gifts.

Tip of the week
Use proper chocolate – not cooking chocolate! And you can go for dark, milk or white – whichever your preference. If you would like any more information, send a wee email to