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Chocolate overload – as promised!

Have you eaten all your chocolate yet? Or are there still a few bars and eggs sitting in your cupboards? I know there is still a bit left in our house yet, but I wouldn’t think that will last for too much longer.

Well after our chocolate break last week, I am bringing you a few ideas today on how to use up your remaining bits and pieces of chocolate so they don’t go to waste (that would be a crime!).

The majority of these ideas don’t take very long to make, so they can be a little Saturday morning activity or even get it squeezed in after school if you had the time and energy.

Chocolate Sauce
Let’s start off with a really simple chocolate sauce. This can be used to drizzle over ice cream or warmed up brownies or whatever takes your fancy really. Melt 50g of chocolate (if you have dark use this, but milk will work either).


Heat up 100ml double cream and a spoonful of butter. Pour in the melted chocolate and stir it all together. It will turn a firmer consistency if you don’t use it straight away but will still be pourable.

Chocolate fondue
Get some of your five-a-day with these next two. Chocolate dipped fruit or a chocolate fondue. For the chocolate dipped fruit (strawberries are always a winner, but people like pineapple too) simply melt 100g chocolate of your choice. Dip them in and remove, placing them on a sheet of greaseproof to set. You can jazz these up by sprinkling some chopped nuts, or sprinkles over the top before they have set.

For a fondue, melt 100g dark chocolate and add a spoonful of melted butter for a real shiny finish. You can of course use any fruit you like, but if you don’t fancy the healthy option then pop a few marshmallows on your stick and get dipping!

Chocolate milkshake
You will need 50g chocolate, 150ml milk, 150g vanilla ice cream. Slightly melt the ice cream. Melt the chocolate in the microwave and add the ice cream. Beat thoroughly. Now add the milk a little at a time until smooth.

Hot chocolate
Now this one is for the folk who love a really heavy and creamy hot drink. This will serve three or four depending how big your cups are! Take 300ml milk, 80ml double cream and 50g chopped broken chocolate. Melt and heat over a medium heat until all the chocolate is melted and the liquid is really smooth.
Serve into cups and top with mini marshmallows and grated chocolate. Wow.

Chocolate chips
Any recipe that asks you for chocolate chips, you can use broken up or chopped chocolate chunks. It will do the same job for most things. I would especially recommend using it in cookies – because of the slightly thinner chocolate; they go an extra bit gooey!

I hope some of these ideas have appealed to you this week and you now have a different way to eat your leftover Easter treats.


If you have any other ideas, please let me know! drop a wee email to

Tip of the week

If you are really struggling for ways to use up the eggs, then start using a half as a cereal bowl!
I saw the picture of someone eating breakfast cereal out of an egg half on the internet this year again and thought it a good way of saving on dishes…Enjoy…Happy experimenting!