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Baking column – Birthday party treats

birthday party
Last week I shared with you an idea on how to cut down on your intake of sugar by making your own homemade granola for breakfast or snacks.

I’m afraid this week I am going for the complete opposite and sharing a few recipes that will make your teeth sore just looking at them!

This week it is all about birthday parties.


I have lovely memories of my own birthday parties and going to the parties of my family, cousins and school friends and all the lovely treats that you were allowed to eat and drink that you were never normally allowed! As well as all the treats there was always a special cake – I remember one year getting a chocolate hedgehog cake and thinking that it was the most amazing thing I ever set eyes on.

Other memories are bowls of jelly, ice cream sliders, top hats, mars bar and apple sandwiches and rice krispie buns. And there always had to be cocktail sausages, ham sandwiches, maybe cheese and pineapple and grapes on a cocktail stick some years too.

Of course there was lots of fizzy juice as well! It’s no wonder we spent the rest of the party running about like mad eejits playing games like sharks in the water and duck, duck, goose! But it was all good and I could reminisce all day but I had better share a few recipes for these sweet treats or there will be no space left!

So first up the top hats – every child’s (young and old!) favourite. These couldn’t be easier. Take a 200g bar of milk chocolate and melt. Put a spoonful of the chocolate into a mini bun case. Place a marshmallow on top of the chocolate and then add a dot of chocolate to each marshmallow.

Finally place a smartie on each dot of chocolate to secure it in place. Leave to set. You can serve them in or out of the bun case. (For an extra bit of jazz, shake some hundreds and thousands or other sprinkles of your choice over the chocolate before it sets.)

Apple and mars bar sandwiches. These are yummy; I first tasted these at my auntie’s house at one of my cousins’ parties. Use white or brown bread, whatever your preference is, and again you can use butter if you like but I prefer it without.

Put a couple of mars bars in the fridge – they will be easier to slice when they are firm. Wash a couple of apples and very finely slice them. Layer the apple onto one side of the bread, finely slice the mars bar and place on top of the apple. Gently press a second slice of bread on top and cut to serve. For a real children’s party feel – cut the crusts off! Yum.


Fairy bread. Now this is one that I haven’t tried, but I am keen to give it a go. Best of all it is simple to make. It apparently originated in Australia and is making its way here. It looks really good fun, maybe some of you could try it out and let me know how you get on! Take a few slices of white bread, generously spread with butter, shake coloured hundreds and thousands on top of the buttered bread. Cut the crusts off and serve in triangles. That’s it! Super easy.

If you would like any more ideas for fun birthday treats…then drop a wee line to my email. It’s Maybe next week I will have something a little less overloaded with calories for you! Enjoy…happy baking!