Keep'er Fit

Gary Wallace

Be proactive and start living the life you deserve

For many people getting into shape is mainly an afterthought. 

Some people just don’t see fitness as a priority, which is why we see so many overweight and obese people in the world today.

When we do actually incorporate fitness into our lives, it comes one of two ways.


We are either reacting to something, or proactively taking control of something.

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself or looked in the mirror and thought ‘wow, where did that extra weight come from’ or you walk up a flight of stairs and are shocked to find out how unfit you are?

What happens then is you carry out some form of reactive fitness. You go hell for leather, you hit the gym hard, you change your whole diet plan, your motivation levels are through the roof.

Then all of a sudden you stop, the old eating habits creep back in, you miss one or two gym classes and before you know it you have done no form of exercise in a week and think what’s the point.

If this sounds like you then you may need to consider some form of proactive fitness. This means you are attacking something before it happens.

Rather than reacting to how you look, set yourself a target, something you know that will challenge you, but you can achieve.

Don’t lose weight because you saw a picture of yourself you didn’t like. Lose weight by looking to run a 5/10k, smashing a training programme, doing a mud run, cycling in a local event or anything that you can set a time and a date to achieve.


By being proactive you keep with your workouts, nutrition and rest because you want to keep living a productive life and keep negative health aspects like weight gain, poor brain health and disease at bay.

There are exceptions to reactive and proactive fitness.

Some people actually excel when they react to a situation. This is maybe the catalyst they needed to kickstart their health and fitness journey but I would advise you not to wait until this happens.

Being proactive, but not planning what you are going to do, can also sound alarm bells for failure. If you have a target, plan how and when you are going to get there or even better do it with a family member or friend.

We also have one more choice; do nothing, which should not be an option for anyone concerned about their health and well-being – which hopefully is everyone.

Now the choice you have is to proactively address your health or wait until something happens.

If that something has already happened, you can counteract the  effects of whatever it is by eating better and exercising, it can be that simple.

If things haven’t got that bad yet then be positive, take the bull by the horns, be proactive and start living the life you deserve. 

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