Keep'er Fit

Gary Wallace

To buy or not to buy

We are entering the first weekend of December and that means the shops will be fully stocked with tins of sweets, boxes of biscuits and every other chocolatey and savour Christmas thing you can think of.

Do you go crazy and buy as much as you can? I would say no, but buy the stuff you really like.

The problem everyone faces when you walk into a grocery shop is that you nearly crash into a display of Celebrations or Fox’s biscuits even before you grab a shopping basket.


Shops are clever because they put huge displays with attractive prices that makes you think ‘that’s great value I must get those… and those… and those’.

This is a recipe for disaster. Not only have you bought so much you will end up consuming most of it yourself, you would have left no room for what you actually came in for!

So whenever you are going for your big Christmas shop or shopping for party food consider these few points;


If you consider the layout of most shops you have the fruit and veg section at the front, followed by the dairy, then along the side you will have your butchery and then breads.

These should be the main contents of your shop especially fruit, veg and butchery products.

When we start going through the middle aisles you will find all the tempting selections and especially at the ‘ends’ of the isle where again the big promotions live. Just because the price is right doesn’t mean you have to buy it.



Draft up a list of what you need or want in the house for Christmas and stick to it.

It’s very easy to go into a supermarket blinded by all the choices you have so you just keeping grabbing and you don’t even realise what you bought.

Going with a prepared list of everything you need will save you time, money and a few extra lbs around the waist in the long run.


With all these extra choices of things to buy over Christmas sometimes a packet of spinach or tomatoes can get lost in the back of the fridge and be replaced with something less nutritious.

What happens next is that we forget it is there and are forced to throw it out once it passes its sell by date.

The problem is that we are still hungry and if there is nothing nutritious and fresh to curb our hunger, then we grab savoury snacks which doesn’t kill our hunger, so in 10 minutes time we are back poking our head in the fridge or cupboards again.


Don’t panic about not having enough sweet stuff in the house for guests. Just bring in what you need. You normally find people will end up bringing sweets, chocolates and biscuits with them.

Two reasons they do this is because they are friends and will always come with gifts the second is that they are trying to get rid of some of the stuff from their own house! You will also find chocolates sitting about in work or any place you go during the Christmas period.

You will find yourself having one or two here and then one or two there, but you also forget that you will eat one or ten more at home.


When friends are calling round why not offer them some fresh and healthy snacks and if you really want to impress check out Pinterest or search for some inventive and decorative ways of presenting them.

Most of the time people will say they couldn’t eat another sweet but when its put in front of them it’s harder to resist. Spread the love and give them the choice of a healthier snack.

Consider these few points the next time you are tempted to buy that extra tin of sweets – don’t be too hard on yourself either, if you are going to entertain or fancy a sweet at night then buy what you need.

Most importantly when you do eat over Christmas make sure you enjoy it and just don’t stuff your face.

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