Taste Scene

Michael Devlin

Back in black

ARE YOU A BLACK PUDDING FAN? why not give it a try.

I once heard Jeremy Irons say that he finds people who play instruments more interesting than non-musicians. I was satisfied with this random summation as I have been known to wrestle with the guitar from time to time. 

Similarly, I think I have a higher opinion of people who like black pudding.


Don’t be going and getting all offended and all! I’d still have time for you if you wouldn’t eat black pudding if your life depended on it (like Herself at home). Call it a grey mark against your name.

For me, black pudding is vastly underrated and if I owned a restaurant (as the overweight silent partner), I couldn’t think of any better ingredient to grace the menu.

It combines so perfectly with so many things (seafood, salads, burgers, mixed grills, lamb) that you couldn’t not have it on the starters and main courses lists somewhere.

Ever had a sausage roll with added black pudding on the inside? Dip one of these into red sauce and you’ll attain food Nirvana. I used to make them at home but then stopped, as I was the only one eating them and I was eating way too many.

One of my all time favourite food combinations (amongst others) is that melange of tastes which arrive when you puncture a softly poached duck egg and the yolk leaks out over your black pudding and toast. It’s a flavour sensation.

And did you know it’s regarded as a superfood? It is. Back in 2016 it was officially listed alongside such culinary luminaries as walnuts and blueberries as being amongst the very best things you could include in your varied diet. But in my world that nutritional fact that black pudding is packed with calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc only plays second fiddle to its taste spectrum.

Did he just say ‘taste spectrum?’


OK, so I retract the term taste spectrum but I can’t withdraw the sentiment.

Ever tasted mashed potatoes with black pudding crumbled through it? Me neither but I hear it’s epic.

At this point, if you aren’t a black pudding fan, chances are you’ve stopped reading. Happy days… now is probably a good time to address the pig-shaped elephant in the room.

Yes: Black pudding is made from pigs’ blood. There’s no getting away from that one and in fairness, if you’re the squeamish type, there’s probably no getting over it either.

Apparently, there’s vegetarian black pudding to be had (which obviously doesn’t contain the blood) but good luck to you with that. I’ll stick with my vampiric tendencies.

Conducting a straw poll on the would you or wouldn’t you with black pudding (of the eight people who work in my immediate vicinity – all of whom are omnivores), three out of eight either wouldn’t eat it or had never tried.

Those three amigos have obviously never tried my duck egg and black pudding sandwich!

At this point, if you’re already a black pudding fan, chances are you’ll be thinking about the next time you can savour that deep, earthy, tangy flavour of a blood sausage.

My advice is have it as soon as possible.

It’s on my dinner plans for tonight with baby potatoes and spinach (plus extra for breakfast in the morning as I’m the only one eating it).

But I’ll leave you with this nugget of information; I only discovered this fact today. You know Kelly’s Black Pudding? Well, I don’t know if this applies to all black puddings but

apparently, you can eat Kelly’s straight out of the wrapper, as it’s already cooked.

Mind. Blown.

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