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Gary Wallace

Vegetables, a good choice first thing in the morning?

Eating vegetables for your breakfast has many benefits for your body. Why not give it a try.

We have all been told at some stage in our lives “make sure and eat your vegetables”.

I was one of those weird kids that actually loved me veg. In fact, weirdly, one of my favourite things about a Christmas dinner growing up was Brussels sprouts.


So eating my vegetables especially my greens was easy, but was I eating enough? I would always get some form of vegetables into my lunch and dinner either through salads or whatever was in the fridge, but most of the time I was missing out on vegetables for breakfast.

Over the past year I have introduced green vegetables into my morning shake. My shake would normally consist of spinach, kale, avocado, oats, chi seeds, turmeric in almond or coconut milk. It takes very little time to prepare and easy to drink on the go.

But why are vegetables a good choice first thing in the morning?

Firstly, as a nation we do not eat enough fruit and veg. In 2016 Public Health England published data detailing the state of the nation’s diet. Only a third of adults and just eight per-cent of teenagers are meeting the ‘Five A Day’ recommendation for fruit and vegetables! And our five a day is just a low figure that the government has set – it should be more.

If we don’t have vegetables for our breakfast, then most of us may only get two-to-four more chances to consume fruit and vegetable throughout the day.

Vegetables are hydrating, satiating and brimming with nutrients to help you to be generally awesome. They are low in calories meaning you can pack them in and still get all the goodness.

You also have a variety to choose from and the more colour you have the better. In saying this I normally stick to greens in the morning and top them up throughout the day along with different coloured fruit and vegetables.


Along with your vegetables, be sure to include foods rich in protein, a little good fat and carbohydrates with your morning breakfast.

This is why I would add oats, seeds and an avocado into my shake.

This will balance your blood sugar levels and ensure you’re properly nourished, which in turn helps you keep that hunger at bay a bit longer.
vegetable breakfast recipes

As I mentioned before I would normally opt for a shake for breakfast, I would also hold off until I actually felt I needed it. This is normally after a gym session or being up for a few hours.

The reason making a shake in the morning is a good choice is that it helps your body absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables by making them easily digestible.

Plus, it is quick and convenient too.

On the weekends I may have a bit more time so another way I would consume loads of vegetables is in an omelette. I would literally throw in whatever vegetables I would see in the fridge.

This could be spinach, mushrooms, peppers, green beans, tomatoes and topped-off with a protein source, which might be a sneaky bit of bacon cut up through it, well it is the weekend.

Another option is last night’s left over dinner. This may sound like all types of wrong but if you prepared and cooked a healthy dinner last night there may be some left over that will help kick start your day. Even if you heated up some vegetables and served them with eggs on some sourdough bread.

These choices and tastes may not appeal to everyone but sometimes you just have to suck it up. Having something that is less flavoursome and not full of sugar is a better option than something that is going to play havoc on your insulin levels and fat stores.

Give it a try and even send me a message on Facebook if you come up with some nice recipes.

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