Bridal Fair – Terms & Conditions

In this document the following words are used to describe the parties involved.
“Organisers” – refers to North-West News Group.
“Event” refers to the North-West Brides Bridal Fair in association with Ulster Herald.
“Exhibitor” – refers to any business who wishes to display their wedding related products/services to the general public.
“Venue” – refers to the location in which the Bridal Fair is held, Omagh Leisure Complex, Omagh.
“Stand” – refers to the space & table on which the ‘Exhibitor’s’ can display their wares.
“NWNG” – refers to North-West News Group newspaper group, to which North-West Brides & the Ulster Herald belong.

All exhibitors must agree with the terms and conditions as set out below prior to completing the application form and sending payment. Stands may be provisionally reserved by telephone but will not be confirmed without a completed online application form. Full payment for all stands must be received before the event.



All businesses must fill in an online booking form. Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to “Ulster Herald” or ‘North-West News Group’ and sent to Ulster Herald, 14 John Street, Omagh, Co Tyrone BT78 1DW.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, all spaces are 3mts wide x 2mts depth and include a table, 2 chairs and access to an electricity socket, any extra space required will be chargeable.
  • Partitions are not supplied.
  • Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for setting up and decorating their stand/s. Exhibitors shall have access to the venue from 10am on the morning of the event. The Venue must be vacated within one hour of the closing time of exhibition.
  • Each Exhibitor is responsible for his or her display products, stands and general promotional items at the event. No liability will be accepted by the Organisers for financial loss, damage or injury to the exhibitors property, employees or any negligence caused by you including misuse of the venue.
  • It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to possess relevant insurance for displaying their products/services to the public. Stands are not supplied with any tablecloths.
  • A floor plan of the venue is available to all Exhibitors and each Exhibitor has the opportunity to select their preferable location. This is on a first come first served basis and Organisers will only confirm your space on receipt of full payment.
  • Stands are only available for use by the person/company named on the booking form. Exhibitors undertake that they will not display any literature or leaflets of other businesses or companies not owned by them. Share of stands with another business is strictly prohibited. If found the Organisers reserve the right to remove such businesses/ persons from the event.
  • Organisers will have exclusive rights to take and publish photographs and video clips of the events in whatever media, including internet, it may deem necessary
  • Transport companies can display their vehicles outside the venue after receiving instruction from the Organisers in relation to number of vehicles and location.
  • Unless an agreement is obtained from Organisers, playing of music in any format or use of speakers / amplifiers is strictly forbidden. In an unlikely event should a need arise, Organisers reserve the right to alter the date and venue of the event.
  • Organisers reserve the right to cancel your space if full payment is not received two weeks prior to the event date.
  • Organisers reserve the right to amend, alter, delete or add any or all of its terms and conditions without prior notice to the exhibitor. Exhibitors will not be permitted to drive nails, holdfasts, screws or anything of that nature into the hall structures.


Terms and Conditions of use of Your Electrical Appliances and usage of Electricity:

  • All electrical appliances used must have been tested and conform to all UK legislations on the date of use / event date.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to inspect all appliances and forbid the usage of appliances that do not meet such standards.
  • Electrical appliances must be used with circuit breakers and recommend the use of transformers, where possible. Use of Halogen lights is strictly forbidden.


Cancellation, Public & Employers Liability Insurance for the Exhibition

  • Each exhibitor shall indemnify and hold the Organisers indemnified against any action, suit or claim which may arise out of any damage or injury which may be occasioned during the show to any visitor, or any person employed by the exhibitor, or any articles brought to the show by the exhibitor or on the exhibitor’s behalf, or any part of the display erected by the exhibitor or on the exhibitor’s behalf
  • Please ensure insurance includes but not only limited to your inability to attend the event due to double bookings, illness or bereavements or in the family, breakdown of vehicles or any occurrence not specified herein. As the Organisers will not be liable for any such incidents.
  • The Organisers strongly recommend that you, the exhibitor are adequately covered for all unforeseeable eventualities and not just limited to mentioned above.
  • NWNG will endeavour to rebook your stand space and if successful issue a refund appropriate to the time before the show.

Over 6 months prior notice


Full refund

Cancellation less than 6 months notice


90% refund

Cancellation less than 3 months notice


80% refund

Cancellation less than 1 month notice


50% refund

Cancellation less than 2 weeks

  No refund