Mid-term Blues

AS THE MAN SAYS: On this side of the pond red is the colour of left-wing political parties, whilst blue is the colour favoured by Conservative parties such as Fine Gael and the British Tories.

Strolling players

AS THE MAN SAYS – The Strule Arts Centre, since its inception in 2007, has been bringing acts of national and international renown to Omagh to supplement the bill of fare provided by local entertainers and theatre groups.


AS THE MAN SAYS…David Cameron was puce with rage last weekend when the United Kingdom was presented with a bill for two billion euros at what was scheduled as a routine meeting in Brussels. European leaders had come together to discuss climate change and the British Prime Minister likened the sudden shock to having been “Clubbed with a lead pipe.”

Old Wives’ Tales

AS THE MAN SAYS: We live in the modern age, surrounded by technology, in an age which has seen great advances in such fields as communications, travel and medicine

A walk on the South Side

AS THE MAN SAYS: Those of you given to taking a stroll around Omagh and its environs could do worse than go for a walk along the Kevlin Road to the ruins of Old Drumragh Church, in the course of which you will come across some relics of Omagh’s past and the sites of other historic places on your itinerary.

The Dogs of War

AS THE MAN SAYS: The House of Commons and the House of Lords were recalled last Friday in order to give Britain the green light to conduct air strikes against ISIS militants in Iraq.


AS THE MAN SAYS…The first time I set eyes on Ian Paisley was about 50 years ago. I was in the heart of Belfast, not far from the City Hall and it was shortly after midnight. A noisy, exuberant group came up May Street, one of them carrying the largest Union Jack flag which I have ever seen, before or since. At the head of the gang was a big man in a white raincoat.