Nourishment for the soul

My grandmother always used to say that if you’re making soup, you always have to have a “bit o’ bane.” More often than not she was referring to shin of beef soup and she rarely made it without the big, marrow-filled bone in the middle. It’s a tradition I cleave to when I’m using shin […]

Gingerbread – sticky Jamaica style…

CAKES ‘N BAKES…Hello March! Like this time last year, there still is a real sharp nip in the air, even though our wee country is trying to fool us with a few clear days with bright mornings and longer evenings. I’ll definitely not be parting with the hot water bottle or my numerous layers of clothing for a good wee while yet.

Yum Yum Biscuits

TASTE SCENE…I reckon Gillian Wallace makes deadly cheesy bacon pastries. The recipe, lovingly described in a new publication by Donemana Presbyterian Church, ‘Some Favourite Recipes’, comes across as decadent and moreish. It sounds to me if Gillian’s ever doing a Come Dine With Me fund-raiser, I’d be first in the queue.

Wreck the Hoose Juice

TASTE SCENE: ‘Why don’t you write an article about Buckfast?” a friend at work suggested, whilst I was chewing over which ingredient might make the focus of this week’s rant.

A welcome winter warmer

CAKES & BAKES: I had a nice wee start to the week –a couple of days off work! Most of you won’t believe me but I can tell you it was well needed, it’s a busy time of year getting coursework all sorted and making sure all the kiddos are ready for the exams in a couple of months time! It’s mad how time flies on!

Surf and turf – kind of…

TASTE SCENE: If I’d have had my way, we’d have tried scallops and black pudding in pasta with peas. I’ve never had it before (I don’t even know if such a dish exists) but I recall a particularly memorable scallop and black pudding experience from Galway (once upon a time), minus the pasta.