It’s only sausage rolls – but I like it

I almost never eat sausage rolls, not unless I make them myself or I’m at a celebratory function like a wedding and my mild inebriation demands that I eat everything at the buffet.   As I have noticed from these occasions, The Michael Devlin Show follows a familiar pattern: Sober Michael finds himself demoted by […]

Pupils ‘in danger’ due to lack of crossing patrol

‘PRIMARY school pupils are in danger unless a school crossing patrol is put in place’ on a busy area of Omagh, claims a local councillor.    Concerns have been raised about the safety of pupils of Christ the King Primary School as they are being forced to cross the Strathroy Road without supervision or assistance.  […]

Creggan Chairman steps down after ’20 happy years’

PADDY McKernan has spent ‘20 happy years’ as chair of Creggan Community Association – but after two decades of outstanding service, he believes that now is the right time to step down from the role.   However the Creggan man, born and bred, was keen to point out that the CCA ‘haven’t quite got rid […]

Quentin’s Attenborough portrait is pawsome and wild!

WHEN Quentin Devine put the final meticulous touches on his ‘Attenborough in 40 Animals’ hand-drawn portrait, little did he realise the world-wide acclaim the work would garner… Least of all, from the man himself! That’s right, Sir David Attenborough is among the many people from across the globe who are proud owners of the Plumbridge […]

We need to let our children play

  If you have been reading my weekly article and following the work we do, then you will know I’m a massive fan of play.   Play just isn’t for children, as the adults who attend my ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ class will confirm, it’s for all of us – but we need to ensure […]

Review called as emergency departments under ‘pressure’

THE public has been urged to take part in a review on the future of urgent care as emergency departments struggle to deal with ‘intensifying pressures.’   The Patient and Client Council (PCC) are holding a public event giving people an opportunity to influence the future of emergency services.    The workshop is being held […]

Break-in victim warns others to be vigilant

AN Omagh woman who has been left feeling ‘violated’ after her home was broken into is warning others to be vigilant.   The local woman, who wished not be named, explained that she and her husband recently returned from work to find their house broken into.    The culprits smashed a large pain of glass […]

Further warning received over possible device in Omagh

POLICE are continuing to investigate reports that a suspicious device has been left on a road on the outskirts of Omagh, after a further warning was received this morning. Shortly after midday yesterday (Thursday), the PSNI received a report that a suspicious device had been left in the Glencam Road area. Searches and enquiries were […]