ComicFest comes to town

You may have seen Spiderman and Wonder Woman at the Strule Arts Centre in Omagh last week, or the Winter Soldier and Harley Quinn on High Street or even galactic villain Thanos around the town. That can only mean one thing-the Omagh ComicFest is almost here! After three very successful years in Enniskillen, ComicFest comes […]

A day in the life at Dalradian – Michael Meenan

I’m from the Gortin area originally and the Curraghinalt exploration site is on my doorstep. My family has been living in the area for generations and I’ve watched as the gold deposit has been developed over the years and how it has provided employment to people from the area. The exploration site has been part […]

A day in the life of Aimee Moore at Dalradian

A day in the life of Aimee Moore at Dalradian If someone had told me a year ago I would be working in an interesting and fulfilling job on my door step.  I would’nt have belived them. I couldn’t  be happier working for Dalradian.  I grew up 5 miles outside Omagh, and recently graduated with […]

A Sixth Form that aspires, believes and achieves

Drumragh Integrated College is a student-centred college Drumragh Integrated College is a uniquely vibrant, diverse and exciting place to study at Advanced Level. We are a student-centred college in that we believe academic success requires both the expert teacher guidance you would associate with demanding courses, and a large emphasis on emotional health and wellbeing. […]

A day in the life at Dalradian

I had the good fortune to work at Anglo American’s Lisheen Mine in County Tipperary until it closed.  While working there it struck me how different modern mining is, compared to the traditional view that some people hold, myself included prior to my employment at Lisheen. I’m from Cornwall, where, despite our World Heritage status […]

A day in the life at Dalradian

A day in the life of Ruth Mulligan, Environmental Technician Growing up with a farming background in the Clogher valley of rural Tyrone I have always been interested in the wildlife around me.  My parents encouraged it.  My father taught me species of trees and seasonal flowers and my mum took me to the local […]

A day in the life at Dalradian

I’ve been working with Dalradian since 2015 and it has been a great experience.  Working on a project which is one of the world’s best unmined gold deposits is challenging and exciting.  As a senior  resource development geologist, two major aspects of my job are to identify new gold veins within the deposit and to […]

Mineral exploration methods and regulations explained

There are a range of ways of exploring a landscape to look for natural resources. These exploration methods, most of which have been used for decades, are rigorously regulated and clearly outlined by government. Any company looking for natural resources is expected to adhere to these regulations, and Dalradian is deeply committed to ensuring that our […]

A day in the life at Dalradian

I’ve been working for Dalradian for three years as a geological technician but this isn’t the first time I’ve worked for a gold mining company in Tyrone. In the late 1980s and early 90s I worked for Omagh Minerals at their gold mine in Cavanacaw. I worked on the drilling rigs there but then left […]